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Thread: Can't find Knoppix filesystem ...

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    Can't find Knoppix filesystem ...

    I am using Debian unstable on my laptop acer aspire 5102wlmi.
    I have remaster Knoppix 5.1.1 and all works fine (I followed the wiki tutorial) and finally I burned the knoppix.iso
    on a CD.
    When I booted on the CD I got:

    running kernel 2.6.19
    Enabling DMA acceleratio for hda
    Can't find KNOPPIX  filesystem, sorry
    Can someone explains to me the cause of this problem ?


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    I understood the problem that I encountered:
    I burned the knoppix.iso that I have remastered on a RW-CD, and after a while, I suspected that there was a problem
    with the RW-CD and knoppix.
    To check out that I thought I copied my original R-CD knoppix(xhich works fine) on the RW-CD and when I booted on the RW-CD
    I obtained the same problem: "can't find knoppix filesystem ...".
    Finally I put my knoppix.iso (remastered) on a pendrive and knoppix booted like charm.
    (But not all pendrives are able to boot ....)


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    You should burn it to CD at low speed not exceeding 8X to get it to work.

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