I am willing to install knoppix on hard disk, booting the machine from a USB drive in the first place. I could take an .iso knoppix file, put it on the USB drive, boot from that, run knoppix-installer and have everything neatly installed on /dev/hda1. The system won't boot by itself, though, so I use grub to force a linux loader onto the hard disk's mbr. I configure it to boot on the /boot kernel image and initrd that have been put there (on the hard disk).

Now, problems start on reboot, as the system gets confused over its filesystem. I typically hit a "mount: fs type devfs not supported by kernel; umount devfs not mounted; pivot_root: no such file or directory".

Is there a reason why substituting an USB drive for a CD would drive me to all this mess?

If that should be important, let me add that I use the clusterKNOPPIX_V3.6-2004-08-16-EN-cl1.iso iso file, as my goal is to install clusterknoppix on diskless nodes (but with a USB entry on which I can boot).

Any help greatly appreciated.