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Thread: KLIK Install on LIVECD using XFCE4

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    KLIK Install on LIVECD using XFCE4

    Hi there.

    I've build a LiveCD called Lunix Live which is based on Gentoo Linux i686 using XFCE 4.4.1.
    Now i want to install Klik onto it. So i have a few questions.

    Is it possible to install Klik on this Gentoo-based LiveCD using XFCE4?

    I tried not to execute the install script, instead i wanted to copy the files 'by hand'.
    I had a look at the install file to figure out what files are needed. Also i looked at
    this page: There's a german howto about
    what files are copied/removed to un/install Klik.

    There are only descriptions about how to install klik using KDE, but none using XFCE4.

    I thing Klik is the right solution for my LiveCD (Lunix Live), cause its possible to install programs
    temporary, which are not installed on my small (398M) Live distribution.

    I don't want to execute the install script, i want to copy each file needed by Klik to
    its destination.
    Can someone tell my how to do this using the XCFE4 directory structure
    not the KDE one.

    I hope someone can explain me how to install Klik on the Live system described above.
    Thanks for your help...


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    You don't want to use the install script. That's ok, but then what you need to do is essentially do every step in the install script by hand.

    If you want to change paths, then you must be very careful to change them in all locations (files).

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