Hi there.

I've build a LiveCD called Lunix Live which is based on Gentoo Linux i686 using XFCE 4.4.1.
Now i want to install Klik onto it. So i have a few questions.

Is it possible to install Klik on this Gentoo-based LiveCD using XFCE4?

I tried not to execute the install script, instead i wanted to copy the files 'by hand'.
I had a look at the install file to figure out what files are needed. Also i looked at
this page: http://www.pro-linux.de/berichte/klik.html#ToC9. There's a german howto about
what files are copied/removed to un/install Klik.

There are only descriptions about how to install klik using KDE, but none using XFCE4.

I thing Klik is the right solution for my LiveCD (Lunix Live), cause its possible to install programs
temporary, which are not installed on my small (398M) Live distribution.

I don't want to execute the install script, i want to copy each file needed by Klik to
its destination.
Can someone tell my how to do this using the XCFE4 directory structure
not the KDE one.

I hope someone can explain me how to install Klik on the Live system described above.
Thanks for your help...