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Thread: Bounty: 'klik-able' GNUnet

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    Bounty: 'klik-able' GNUnet

    Sorry, I don't know if this is the right board to post this package request. I hope the board admin don't mind...

    Well, I would like to see a 'klik-able' GNUnet package and I'm willing to sponsor it.

    So if somebody's interested, please contact the poster by the board's Private message feature, but take care and see the post below first.


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    I'm not sure of the validity of the above post. I removed a link in it, but on the chance that it might be legit I left it up in modified form telling people to use the site's Private Message feature. However, if anyone decides to respond, take care, the poster signed up for his account here with a German (.DE) e-mail address, but he made his post from an IP address from Malaysia. In my experience this is most often a warning sign of a spammer or someone trying to spread malware. I can't say for certain if he's legitimate or not, but I'm certainly not going to visit the web link provided and would suggest that anyone getting involved exercise all reasonable care in dealing with this poster or following any links.

    I suggest accessing any questionable links with Knoppix, or better with a browser in a virtual machine that you delete after using, or even better with Knoppix in a virtual machine that you delete after using.

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