Since this is my first post let me make it clear that I am basically a point-and-click windows user and an absolute Linux newbie. I have managed a dual boot setup with Windows XP and Knoppix 5.0.1 [HD install]. I know that there are other Linux distro's more suited to hard drive installations [Ubuntu, Kanotix] but I feel quite comfortable with Knoppix, even if it is basically designed as a Live CD/DVD.

I installed Klik and downloaded Opera 9. Opera worked fine and I was able to save bookmarks on the first run. An entry was automatically created under Applications (installed by klik) on the Start menu.

However on rebooting the system I got the 'Unable to mount /tmp/app' error, followed by '/home/knoppix/zAppRun: line 132: /tmp/app/wrapper: no such file or directory' when I tried to launch Opera.

All the neccessary entries exist in fstab:
[/tmp/app/1/image /tmp/app/1 cramfs,iso9660 user,noauto,ro,loop,exec 0 0] till [/tmp/app/7image.....]

No real solution was available in the forum, so by hit-and-trial I discovered that if I log in as root and delete all the folders [1-7] in the /tmp/app directory, Opera works fine till I reboot again. All my saved bookmarks are also there.

Seems to be a permissions issue. Any help to avoid these '/tmp/app' errors would be appreciated.