I've read all the other threads so I'm aware, fyi.

I have a slow-burned CD. Checked and double checked, CD is fine.
I have tried booting with failsafe. Still a no go.
I have tried booting with nodma. Still a no go.

So I started up in expert mode:
I autoprobed..
The screen went quick so I couldn't see the beginning but it started showing me it probing USB..
But everything it was loading was a "unknown symbol"..
It loads everything, with "unknown symbol" for each item..
Then gets to wd7000.ko ans I get the error "wd7000.ko failed installatization of WD-7000 SCSI CARD"

Asks if I want to load more.. I say no..
It then tries to find my USB storage..
Then gives the error "Can't Find KNOPPIX filesystem.. reverting to limited version blah blah blah".

Hope this helps someone.