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Thread: Knoppix isn't detecting my HD

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    Knoppix isn't detecting my HD

    I posted awhile ago because i was getting Cfdisk error and Knoppix wouldn't detect my HD.

    Still having that problem. i also can't create a persistent hardrive.

    anyone know how to solve this.

    I was using mandrake but in my partition adjustments I can't get that to work. All i have now is knoppix live.

    I really really want to use knoppix as my permenent OS, but It's been three weeks and I can't figure out how to install (though i am a moron-newbie)

    any help would be apprecoated. thank you.

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    You can't run cfdisk unless you are root. Otherwise we'd have users deleting partitions left and right! So do this:

    sudo cfdisk /dev/hda

    (Of course I assume you have only one hard drive.)

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    When i do that I get a message that says : Fatal Error cannot read disk drive, press any button to exit cfdisk.

    What is going on?

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