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Thread: Software is out of date

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    Software is out of date

    Klik is good project with a very practically idea.

    I just want to use it but there are so many antiquated versions of useful software that they make klik unusable.

    Why is here Firefox when Firefox 3.0.1 is quite long time available?
    Why I should use OpenOffice 2.0 when I want to use OpenOffice 2.4?
    I can use Opera 9 but Opera 9.5 was released more than one month ago... and so on.

    Couldn't you resolve this fatal problem?

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    The problem is that often newer software doesn't run on older distributions, until someone "backports" it specifically.

    In klik2, we will target more recent distros and hence will be able to offer more recent versions.

    Also, you can always become a klik recipe maintainer if you'd like to provide a more recent recipe than what is there.

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