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Thread: KLIK for Netbooks?

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    KLIK for Netbooks?

    I have been thinking that KLIK might be a great compliment for Netbooks. However I am finding no one really all that interested in developing a netbook desktop built with KLIK. Is there anyone here with time and resources that might be interested in taking on such a project?

    I see it as a desktop somewhat like Ubuntu Desktop Remix in appearance, that makes good use of a fast and lighter desktop like LXDE maybe. Web based programs such as Google Docs, etc could lighten the load and provide a program that is familiar to many Windows refugees. And then KLIK could take the front as the main system for obtaining new software, while Synaptic could still be available for those who wish to do full installs. I think KLIK with its compressed nature would be beneficial to netbooks with just a few GB of SSD drive space. I also think that providing a very flexible framework for users to customize their netbook would be something many netbook users seem to be looking for.

    Any takers? Anyone think this is a good idea? A bad idea? I have posted suggestions at Ubuntu Brainstorm and gOS' Google Group to very little interest.

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    Why do you think that netbooks will require a different/special/custom version of klik?

    We are currently working on klik2 which will hopefully work well on just about any netbook.

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