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Thread: Trying to make video card driver setting persistent

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    Trying to make video card driver setting persistent

    It's probably something simple but I can't seem to figure it out. I have a GeForce2 Ti card. When Knoppix boots, it detects it as a GeForce2 GTS but installs the generic nv driver. So, I go into Kconfig, select periphials/X Server/Video Card and update it to the GeForce2 GTS (Rev 1) driver. I select yes when it ask me to save then I go into the "Knoppix - save configuration menu" and select everything. Presumably, this writes a file called "Config.tgz" on my hard drive.

    I then shutdown and reboot using "Knoppix home=scan myconfig=/mnt/hda1". The boot up messages indicate that it found and loaded the Config.tgz file but, when I go back into Kconfig, it's still using the generic nv driver.

    I've also tried "xmodule=nv" both with and without specifying home and myconfig locations. That also does not work.

    The only other things I can think of is boot to a lower run level (3, I think, bit I have to look it up -- I'm a bit of a newbie obviously), make my changes in Kconfig, then use cntrl-alt-backspace to get out of X and restart. Alternatively, I suppose I could start in runlevel 2 and use vi to manually edit the XF86Config-4 file before starting X.

    There has to be an easier way though. Can anyone help?



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    Apparantly, there is not an easier way....

    After searching for "DRI", "OpenGL", and "nVidia" on the forums it has become apparant that fixing this is pretty involved. As far as I'm concerned, Knoppix is a great Demo/Rescue/Maintenance distribution. However, if I'm going to involve myself with mucking around to get DRI and OpenGL up and running on my GeForce2 Ti, I would rather just install Debian as opposed to remastering Knoppix or turn it into a hard drive install.

    I will say this though, when I used Linux in the past I mostly went with FVWM2. KDE is really impressive by comparison. I'm anxious to check out Gnome and Ximian as well.

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