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Thread: Does anyone else get this feeling? (Warning: [rant on])

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    I have had similar problems, mine were with Hughes Satilite internet, however I dual boot Linux and windows and just let the tech's install while running windows and when they left I rebooted
    and switched to linux it connected and there were no issues. I might add that all tests with various distros I never had to make DNS or network settings they were always automatically detected
    and the distro under test just worked (The power of Linux)

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    wow, am I the only one who has a ISP that runs Solaris/SunOS (some really old workhorses in their racks), Redhat and Cisco? true some staff have Windows on their workstations but are quick to switch me over to some with real knowledge when I mention the magic word Unix (true, persons more aimed to help their company customers but...)

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