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Thread: knoppix troubles after install - back to desktop/LX

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    knoppix troubles after install - back to desktop/LX

    After installing lycoris (Desktop/LX) I found it... a little limited (after using knoppix on cd for about 2 weeks)... so I installed knoppix over lycoris... and then the trouble started.

    I was under the impression that knoppix would be the same after the install... things it used to do when I just booted from the cd, but it will no longer do after the HD install:

    1. Automatically mount my other hard drive (XP) and cd-rw and place icons on desktop.

    2. Get online - I used to just dial and surf... now it dials and I am connected, but I cant ping anything, load pages, etc...

    3. Printer (Epson C82) - the driver on the cd worked fine, but once it was installed on the HD it would not reconize the printer.

    4. Give me the option to boot into linux/XP at bootup (of course this was not something on the CD, but it did however work fine with lycoris... now (with lilo installed it just boots to XP) - to get to knoppix I must use a floppy...

    Anyway, I am back in lycoris until I figure this out... and then I will try it again. Any help you guys could give me would be great... thanks.

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    Can help with mounting HD

    You can automatically mount your other hard drive if you know which device it is, you can put an entry in the fstab, there is plenty of help to tell you what settings you need to mount your particular operating system. you should find fstab at /etc/fstab just make sure you su to root if you want to be able to write to the file.

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