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Thread: How to change screen resolution?

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    How to change screen resolution?

    After entering

    knoppix xmodule=vesa

    I got Knoppix running on my notebook.

    The resolution however is close to the possible maximum (1400 x1050) but not equal
    It seems to be something around 1280x980
    So auto-recognition seems to be not perfect

    How can I manually change the screen resolution?


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    Is this for a LiveCD or an install?

    For a LiveCD, you can try: knoppix xmodule=vesa screen=1400x1050

    We run a remastered Knoppix with limited screen rez options, so I couldn't test this. It did prompt me to grab some ISO's for "normal" Knoppix to play around with.

    I should have 6.01 VM'd soon and then i'll try the above code myself too.

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