I'm new (today) to knoppix. I'm using it to try and access files from a external harddrive that I had attached to my linkstation. My link station has crashed and doesn't recognise my shared folders anymore.

When using knoppix I was able to access my drives first time around. (3 drives, one in the laptop, one usb external, one usb external used as part of a NAS).

I transfered a file from the NAS USB drive (this is the one I want to recover the data from) to the laptop drive. relaunched pc with vista to check if I could access it. Sucess! So I thought!!!

When i relaunched again with knoppix I couldn't access any of the drives. Cannot mount drive error!!!!!

With the laptop drive & external USB drive I did a clean disk in vista and this seemed to allow me to then access the drives again.

Problem is as the drive with the data I want to recover was part of my linkstation NAS windows doesn't recognise it.

Is there anyway I can get knoppix to recognise this drive once more? Just once is all I need to get the data of it!!!!!

Sorry for my ramblings but if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!