Try this new knoppix based DVD 30-Mar-2009 11:52 1356M
It is a wonderful example of knoppix being a base for
useful and interesting projects.
Thanks to Tapani Raikkonen for kernel work
and Marcos Guglielmetti team leader.

I was changing viola c clef scores to the violin g clef
for my wife. I paid for a commercial program upgrade and
struggled getting it installed on the latest commercial operating
system. After all of that I decided to look for opensource
and found this open source live dvd with much more.

JACK graphically connected many high quality software virtual
instruments to my usb TurtleBeach midi cable. So have some fun,
get a keyboard with black and white keys. Well, there is a virtual
one and plenty else to learn from.

I could not get some internet videos to play on iceweasel but
I have not found much else that did not work smoothly from the
live dvd.

Best Wishes