As we have all discovered, 6.0.1 does not know the cheatcodes fromhd, tohd or toram. But the ability to run customised versions on flash or hard drives does exist, using the knoppix-dir cheatcode.
Suppose you have your own personal form of Microknoppix and you want to use it occasionally instead of the form on the CD. You may copy the "KNOPPIX" folder (which will contain a knoppix-data.img file) to the root folder of any writeable drive. Rename the folder to, say, "KNOP6".
Now the best bit. Boot Microknoppix in your usual way but with the line

knoppix knoppix_dir=KNOP6
Your bootloader will scan all drives ands load only the form of Knoppix 6 which exists in that folder.

Have fun,