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Thread: Star Trek, "Initiating startup sequence" and Knopp

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    Star Trek, "Initiating startup sequence" and Knopp

    Is the voice saying "Initiating startup sequence" ( /usr/share/sounds/startup.ogg or ) based on anything else or was it created for Knoppix?

    In the new Star Trek film, Spock's ship says this as it is starting up and I wondered whether this was the result of a Knoppix fan or whether "Initiating startup sequence" occurs somewhere else eg in Star Trek: The Next Generation (it's not in ST: TOS, Voyager, DS9 or Enterprise) or someother SciFi series.


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    It was a real shock the first time I booted the 6.2 live CD to hear that message! It was funny the first couple of times but after that it's really irritating! Is there a cheat code to supress it? Thanks for the pointer to the file, by the way, useful to those installing K. on a disk.

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