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Thread: How many distros you checked before you made decision?

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    I used ubuntu prior to switching to knoppix. To be honest I didn't quite like it. It wasn't for me. But when I tried knoppix which was recommended by my friend I immediately liked it. Now I am using it for the last 2 weeks.

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    Thank you Klaus Knopper you have kept my faith in Linux.
    My favorite distro's include Debian, Knoppix, Sidux, Slackware, Slax, Absolute and Wolvix.
    Where'as other distro's fail and need kernel modeline's and or xorg.conf tweaks and require frustration and error, Knoppix succeeds and recognises my hardware on first boot.
    I love the unrivaled hardware detectection of Knoppix and practical and bloat free approach.
    Thank You again the man (*J*).

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    forgotten how many.. a-Red Hat 8 was my first free Linux, b-Then Mandriva 2005, c-Ubuntu 5 was my first ubuntu. d-LinuxMint in last couple of Years , e-Fedora.
    Lately Knoppix 7 (NOW) Live, Ubuntu-Studio 12.10 Beta - Mint 13 cinnamon etc...

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    I've always been a debian user, but with the latest debian releases causes my processor to overheat, I was looking for a lighter distribution and tried the knoppix dvd; I installed knoppix on my hard drive, it works like a classic debian but it is much more powerful and fast, I do not understand why we do not do more advertising for this distribtion which is fantastic!

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