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Thread: Absolute Beginner Here.

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    Absolute Beginner Here.

    Hello all.
    I'm a total Newb. Not a newb to computers but to Linux and programming/code etc. Having been brought up with just windows, I am excited by the prospect of sampling and using other platforms. My first ever step was a few years ago to convert my internet browser to Firefox. My intrigue has spread from there.

    I'll try to read all the notices etc, before I start to ask bone questions. Please help me through, and bear with me if at times I don' seem to grasp everything your trying to explain.

    I understand my first target should be to learn a "language" HTML is obviously a must. Any help or hints are much welcome!

    Hello to all, and here's to a new beginning of learning and using Knoppix!


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    HTM L is hardly a must (and hardly even a language) unless you want to create web pages, and even then there are a lot of tools that will create HTML for you so that you don't need to do the tedious parts yourself.

    What you should learn depends on what you want to do. The C language might be a good place to statr if you are interested in learning programming, although there are many other choices. You could start even simpler with something like BASIC but you will find it more limiting. You could jump right into assembly, although that can be pretty technical. And there are many many other choices, the choice is generally dependent on what you want to do, so give us more input to help us better guide you.
    Verifying of md5 checksum and burning a CD at slow speed are important.

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    Well I'm in! I've officially been a Knoppix user for 20 minutes. After getting past the setup in German, i managed to change the language (Thanks to looking on here!). Its nice, but Alien! I love it.

    Only quarm so far is when i close windows, the squares breaking up! Its a tad annoying. I can't find anything in the preferences tab.

    I think C Language is going to be the way ahead. I'm looking for a bit of fun. nothing too serious yet.

    Alll in all im hooked!!


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    Great news. And welcome to the forum.

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