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Thread: Surprisingly SPECTACULAR distro! & data recovery too!

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    Surprisingly SPECTACULAR distro! & data recovery too!

    Congratulations to the Knoppix team!
    Great Job!
    Leaving the details aside I had a sudden and urgent problem with a distro with which I was playing and had inadvertently left some information I needed on it locked up.. dead... the horrible tty1 message!
    All the usual stuff, startx, you name it, didn't work so I thought I'd try a couple of lived cds that will supposedly help one dredge out such deep sixed data.

    No go.

    I had used Knoppix when I first tried Linux, a fellow said it was just the cat's meow, but, being basically an idiot, I was clueless about how to use it.

    But...I thought I'd try the latest and greatest and WOAH!!!

    A BEUUUUUTIFULLL interface WITH Compiz! AND.....I opened the hard drive with the file manger and dragged and dropped the data onto a USB stick and was done...

    Also, I'd fiddled with the LXDE desktop and was greatly impressed with it's speed and elegance

    I was sitting there and thinking, don't do that very much... ..and says to myself......I could NOT let this distro go I installed it on a Toshiba Satellite lappy and what more is there to say?!

    My hat is doffed to the developers, the community...EVERY BODY!!


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    Absolutely agree 100 percent. I used Knoppix yesterday to access a Ubuntu box where I had altered the PATH environment in a way that created a conflict with logging in. With Knoppix I was able to go in and put # in front of my mistake. (And, if anyone cares, it was all because I put kde3.5 on a later distro that has kde4 also--just to play the older kgoldrunner, which I love and adore. Anyone following in those footsteps might want to create a script to run the game so that on reboot the PATH is back to normal.) I'm now convinced that everyone, whether they are using some Microsoft O/S or a linux distro, should have Knoppix in their toolbox. Knoppix is a brilliant creation!!!

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    Just how do you get to 'data recovery' mode or where do you find the instructions?

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