Play Audio Cds, mount cdrom, can't play cd music

I searched all the "mount" threads and was going to search the "Audio cds" threads but there are at least a hundred of them so .... won't do that.

If this has already been posted, I hereby give permission for mods to delete this thread.

I decided to download a bunch of music players and test them and couldn't get a single one to play a cdrom of music.

Several of them were "smart" enough to indicate that the cdrom wasn't mounted others did not.

I tried the normal "linux way" of mounting the cdrom to no avail, which I didn't understand, so well, I thought that it was maybe an LXDE thing, but... welll anyway....

So..........DUMB ME!!!! How many times have I seen "Audio CDs" in:

Start/Preferences/Audio CDs


I put in a nice cd of Music.

I opened Audio CDs menu item but the whole thing was grayed out, .... I then see that the real title is "Configure-KDE Control Module"!

In the general tab there is a box that is unticked for "specify CD device".

I clicked it.....things churned around for a while.....and voila!

Annnnddd...I MUST SAY............... aside from SEARCHING THE NET AND FORUM FOR HOURS! ! ! !

....... that was about the EASIEST WAY I've encountered to mount a cdrom!!!

Lotsa FUN!!!!