I have just spent several hours trying to find errors in my Java/Eclipse Galileo installation (not from .deb pakages, directly from Eclipse and Sun). Eclipse got up and running, but didn't work - it was simliar to jdk version problems I have experienced with earlier releases. But not this time, and I had to search the web for a possible explanation. It turned out there is a mismatch/bug in GTK (?) 2.18 (?), and for simpler problems caused by this, setting the environment variable GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS may provide a workaround
At least, it worked for me.
BTW, I chose to remove Java symlinks from /usr/bin in 6.2 DVD install, and replace them with links to latest JDK. To have better control over versions - it turned out that 6.2 CD and 6.2 DVD had somewhat different versions.