I've changed the boot sequence of Knoppix 6.2 adding "lang=pl keyboard=pl xkeyboard=pl" and it looks fine, cause there are signs like "ą,ę,ć,ś,ż" in the STart menu.

The only problem is with typing those letters when I use the shortcuts like "Ctrl+a", "Ctrl+e" and so on which gives me "ą", "ę" ad that alike.

Every time when I hit the keyboard that way, some menu is being launched or some function inside any program I use for writing.

I can't find the docklet or mod inside Knoppix that would be responsible for it and I can't find any clue how could I set some keyboard and if so what keyboard type for my country - Poland ("QWERTY with ą,ę,,ś,ć,ż,ź,ń signs".