Hello . I'm new to Knoppix. I wanted to try it out. I had to join the forums to get some help on this question that I can't find the answers to else where. I am a Windows XP user. I already got Knoppix v6.2 installed on my SD card (put in a card reader as a usb), but when I have reboot to boot in Knoppix, it loads, then it brings me to a menu option if I want to have data put on the Live SD (enter a certain amount of ram to store or leave blank). I did nothing, then secs later it brings me to another menu of options, such as:


& etc.

What I want to know is how not to be just stuck in a cmd-line like state, but to have load the Knoppix desktop view. I have read the FAQs, but no help there for this considered problem or confusion. Please help. Thanks. God bless .