I have been getting used to using this software and it is great! I have V6.2 Knoppix and am running it on a small laptop with an Atom processor without problems. So what is wrong? I am using Vbox and need file sharing with the Linux host which is not possible using OSE. I set up a bridged network and a Windows file share that is accessible from both Windows and the host, but I cannot write to it from the host -- Only from Windows. I got to a point where it seemed everything (except file sharing) was working and tried to install the PUEL version on top of the OSE version because I did not want to risk uninstalling it as it seems that perhaps it is being used by Knoppix (and I did not want to break Knoppix). I instead broke VBox and had to reinstall Knoppix to my USB (which is another story!) and start from scratch in any case. I have been working for two days now trying to get this share to work both ways and as an alternative to reinstalling VBox, guidance on that could also be helpful if upgrading is not an option!

Thanks in advance for any advice, Robert!