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Thread: unable to boot from dvd

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    unable to boot from dvd

    i have downloaded the zipfile and archieved it and copied to dvd

    1)iam using windows xp i tried to boot from dvd but it was not booting

    please suggest me how to boot from dvd

    iam using KNOPPIX-ADRIANE_V6.2

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    Try looking at the Downloading FAQs here:

    Pay attention to what an iso file is and how to burn it to DVD. Also, be sure to burn the disk at a SLOW speed. Disks burned at higher speeds have been known to have read isuues with many optical drives.

    The file you downloaded is an "ISO" file and Not a "ZIP" archive. If you tried to unpack it and burn the results to a DVD, it will not work.

    You also need to be sure your system is set to boot from the optical drive. You can change the settings in the bios, or try hitting a key such as the F11 during the boot process, to bring up a boot menu. Some systems will designate a different key.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thomson View Post
    i have downloaded the zipfile and archieved it and copied to dvd...
    Follow the advice of ckadmin, but your post raises the questions: What zipfile are you talking about? What do you mean "you archived it"?
    Verifying of md5 checksum and burning a CD at slow speed are important.

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