I know it's been a few months since anything new happened with KnoppiXMAME. Well, now that spring semester is over, I had a few days to get KnoppiXMAME back up to date. Now everyone can enjoy the first taste of 1.0!

New features:

ALSA sound by default (thanks to the new config scripts in Knoppix 3.2 and kernel support): If you have an old ISA or unsupported card, you may boot with the 'noalsa' kernel param, and the old OSS autodetection will happen instead.

Network gaming support: A couple of KnoppiXMAME users were disappointed at the default lack of networking support in 0.5. Well, that's been fixed, and you can now play your arcade games with multi-machine network support.

Even smaller ISO: KnoppiXMAME 0.5 was ~300MB. It's now down to 230MB and the 1.0 final will probably even go down more to ~190-200MB.

Rom and Sample folders now reside on the root ISO image, instead of in the compressed loop filesystem. In Engligh: You don't have to remaster Knoppix, or know anything about Knoppix or Linux to add games to your own CD. Just add your roms in the folder with your favourite ISO editor.

The only thing missing in 1.0 rc1: A logo! Anyone who may be a KnoppiXMAME fan, and maybe an artist as well, I sure would love a boot logo to add to the CD.

Expect the release candidate to be available within the next day on ibiblio and it's many mirrors in the /pub/linux/system/emulators directory. Share and enjoy!