Yesterday I tried to format a 2TB drive using fdisk. There are 243201 cylinders and I wanted to set
/dev/sdd1 cyls 1 - 243000 type 83 Linux
/dev/sdd2 cyls 243001 - 243201 type 82 swap
and went through the usual fdisk n (new) p (primary) 1 (partition no) 1 (start) 243000 (finish) n (new) p (primary) hoping to set up a 2nd partition starting at 243001 but got the message "no available sectors".
I've used fdisk many times (on smaller devices up to 640G) and never got this before. It's as though fdisk is defeated by the large numbers?
I guess I could try setting up the swap partition on /dev/sdd1 using cylinders 1 to 200 and then use 201 to 243201 for /dev/sdd2 but it would be quaint that fdisk allows one architecture but not another, almost equivalent.
Anybody seen this before? Should I have anticipated it?
Thank you.