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    I too use Live CD including Knoppix mainly as tools. Sometimes for recovering files from a crashed system. Sometimes just as safe and secure browsing tools when I am concerned about exposing my primary system. Sometimes booting very focused network related live discs such as Backtrack. I'm not sure though why one would want to actually install a live disc like Knoppix rather than simply install Debian. I've been using Knoppix long enough to remember the days when a Debian install was painful; one had to record in painful detail a lot of information about their system down to even Interrupt addresses and memory addresses used, start the Debian install and then usually abort it and restart Windows when some setting was asked for that wasn't in extensive notes. Unfortunately I never saw any tool that could record ALL of that stuff automatically before starting a Debian install. When Knoppix came out it certainly proved that a program could determine those things for itself. People complained that if Knoppix could do that why couldn't the Debian installer? They even came up with some crude ways to "install" Knoppix, some of which Klaus even included in the CDs, although he cautioned that they were only intended for special cases such as classroom installs. That was a caution that many frustrated users ignored.

    Debian got much better. A Debian install is now cleaner than a Knoppix install and doesn't suffer from the mixture of different versions that frequently causes problems in Knoppix when installing and updating. Of course it doesn't suffer from the bloat of a lot of extra packages that will never be used, and you can easily install any package that is included in Knoppix. I would welcome if you could explain to me any reason why you think rational people are still installing Knoppix over Debian, beyond the "mother duck" principle.

    As to buying Knoppix discs, as far as I know, all people who offer these discs are or at least should be providing exactly the same software built from the same ISO file. That includes those who advertise here and provide a very small support back to in return for the advertising. None of that income gets back to Klaus or the people who help him build the releases.
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