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Thread: Generating DVD from Flash Knoppix 6.3

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    Generating DVD from Flash Knoppix 6.3

    Is there a way to generate a DVD from a version that was installed in Flash in Knoppix 6.3? I've misplaced my Linux Magazine DVD that had it on -- the flash version is my only copy!

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    It looks like there's only a small difference between what's on my flash (the Knoppix stuff, I mean) and what I see on the lowest level of the ISO-9660 CD. If you download a copy of the 6.2 iso (CD, not DVD) and open it for editing (in K3B or Brasero?), then replace the iso's KNOPPIX folder (and the boot directory for good luck!) I think it'll make an iso (DVD size) that you can burn and boot. I'm sure there's an easier way, but this should surely work.

    Hope that helps!

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