Hi guys
New to the world of Linux.
Managed to get the machine to boot up with it in teh CD drive - All good
Have got access to Hard Drive, backed up all data - Extra good

Q1 - I think I know what's wrong, or at least where to go to test some ideas but it means editing the XPPro msconfig but as it stalls at teh startup logo I can't get into it. Is there another way of editing msconfig?

Q2 - I don't have 'the' XP discs as this came with 2 Recovery CD's and a Recovery partition. The CD's get to "Recovering now..." and then nothing happens. Thoughts?

Q2a - How do you use the recovery partition - what do you tell to run etc??? (I can get psuedo MSD prompt via the Recovery discs)

Q3 - doh, forgot what else I was going to ask???? It'll come back to me...maybe.....