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Thread: Restore Partition, ASUS, msconfig,

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    Restore Partition, ASUS, msconfig,

    Hi guys
    New to the world of Linux.
    Managed to get the machine to boot up with it in teh CD drive - All good
    Have got access to Hard Drive, backed up all data - Extra good

    Q1 - I think I know what's wrong, or at least where to go to test some ideas but it means editing the XPPro msconfig but as it stalls at teh startup logo I can't get into it. Is there another way of editing msconfig?

    Q2 - I don't have 'the' XP discs as this came with 2 Recovery CD's and a Recovery partition. The CD's get to "Recovering now..." and then nothing happens. Thoughts?

    Q2a - How do you use the recovery partition - what do you tell to run etc??? (I can get psuedo MSD prompt via the Recovery discs)

    Q3 - doh, forgot what else I was going to ask???? It'll come back to me...maybe.....


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    I'm afraid this is mostly Windows and ASUS specific questions, so it's not much to say about them from a purely Knoppix viewpoint.
    For editing Windows config files, a Windows recovery disk is the safest, but as you have already backed up the data, you could try to mount the actual partition writable under Knoppix.
    On my ASUS laptop (Win 7), I have to run a recovery disk creation procedure, resulting in 4 recovery DVDs. I'm not sure about the relation between those and the recovery partition, this is ASUS- and model-specific stuff, so what works for me (UL30VT and Win 7) may not work for you. "If all else fails, check the documentation".

    It seems that you have made a very good start, good luck

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