I am new to the forum , however I've recently downloaded Knoppix because I have multiple desktop computers and the clustering capabilities of knoppix were appealing to me. That said, I know virtually nothing about linux, and all of my desktops are running Win XP.

The question I have is if anyone knows if it is possible, and if so how to, run the program(s) within Knoppix that are required for clustering via a linux emulator in Windows. I found one or two when I did a search online the other day, however I have no idea how to get at the programs I would need to run using one of them. I don't even know the file names I would need to locate on the Knoppix CD.

My hope is that eventually I'll be able to run one of the computers I have on XP/XP Pro using an emulator for the clustering software and then use the Knoppix boot CD on all the others. The reason I am not extremely eager to migrate all my machines to Linux is simply that I know windows, and I don't know Linux and I would rather stick with an OS that I am comfortable with for the time being. I wasn't able to find drivers for all of my hardware and for the moment I'm trying to minimize the headache and hassle of learning a new OS and having to deal with cross platform compatibility for all the software I currently use in XP.

Thanks for your time!