Hi all, I'm new to Knoppix and new to linux environment in general.

My notebook is an Acer Aspire 5024WLMi (5020 series) with a Broadcom BCM4318 wireless adapter, and I run Knoppix 6.2.1 (CD, DVD, USB... I have them all . I know there are already lots of guide for wlassistant or ndiswrapper, but there's always something wrong or something missing for a very noob user like me.

Two questions:

1) Is there any Knoppix release that already has a driver support for my wlan card? (an already done release or at least someone who can modify the latest release to make it work for my card?)


2)Is there someone who can help me step-by-step, very deeply step-by step , configuring my wireless to work?

Please help