On your knoppix 6.2.1 main menu, there's a neat little application LogFileViewer.
It doesn't have many items on its menu, so it's under-utilized.
I've given mine's menu a few additional items; you might like
to do so as well.

I've added .xsession-errors, a hidden file in /home/knoppix.
If you do much with surfing to sites with flash, you'd be
surprised how much activity is there.

I've added /var/log/syslog per mecho's idea in the thread
called 'Text whizzing by...'.

I've add a few useful text files, like '6.2.1 Changelog'
where I keep a text file diary of the modifications I make.

For reference, I list lspci.txt in the Log File Viewer menu
where, for example these have been pre-defined by short
programs such as 'date>lspci.txt;lspci>>lspci.txt', etc.

This works as well for lsmod, lsusb, ifconfig, dmesg and on
and on. A variation on cat /proc/meminfo, 'filesystems and
'versions also works.

I'd be glad to hear other suggestions on making better use
of this neat little application.