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Thread: Create ~/.xsessionrc for quick session changes

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    Create ~/.xsessionrc for quick session changes

    Since ~/.xsessionrc is activated by xsession why not use it ? Just create it in your home folder and use it to make quick settings to X. Here is an example of mine:

    # turn off default screensaver
    xset s off s noblank s 0 0

    # Set mouse accelaration. Works before LXDE takes over. To change final setting edit ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE/desktop.conf
    xset m 5/2 4

    # Set gamma correction
    xgamma -rgamma 1.05 -ggamma 1.15 -bgamma 1.136

    # Load monitor ICC profile
    dispwin -d 1 ~/.config/color-profiles/IBMTPLCD.ICM

    # Start xcompmgr
    xcompmgr -a &

    # Start clipboard-daemon
    clipboard-daemon &

    # Start keyboard layout switcher
    setxkbmap -option '' 'us,bg' ',phonetic' 'grp:alt_shift_toggle,grp_led:scroll'

    # Enable key sequence to kill the X server. Old behaviour
    setxkbmap -option terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp

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    Hey, mecho. You've got a lot of little goodies here. I'm using 6.2.1 and I cannot locate .xessionrc anywhere. I can apply many of these ideas just as well via rc.local now that you've laid them all out so nicely. It would help to explain some of the entries a bit more. I think Krishna, or you have something somewhere on clipboard-daemon, I've used the mouse accel idea before. xcompmgr, setxkbmap, dispwin aren't familiar. Can you elucidate?
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    .xsessionrc is not in knoppix by default, but it is activated by xsession. All you need is to create it in your home folder. It is way better to use .xsessionrc to pass commands, then using rc.local
    I use setxkbmap to set my dual layout keyboard, so I can type both in Bulgarian and English and switch between keyboard layouts using Alt+Shift
    dispwin is part of argyll package and is used to load monitor color profiles
    xcompmgr is composite manager. It gives some nice effects to X like shadows, transparency etc. It is still not very stable and I dont use shadows and transparency, but I do use the accelerated desktop it provides. At least that feature is stable enough.
    clipboard-daemon is used to protect your clipboard, so you don't loose it's content when you close the source application

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    The second setxkbmap -option terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp
    Applies the old X key sequence to restart X using Ctrl+Alt+BackSpace. Its useful sometimes if you experience some system freeze

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