I have another question to ask. I booted Knoppix 6.2 with the following boot parameters :

knoppix 2 toram lang=it

this is the situation of my disk (formatted with the NTFS filesystem) :

(hd0,0) ---> this is the invisible partition built by Windows 7
(hd0,1) ---> here there is the installation of Windows 7

I copied all the Windows 7 installation files on (hd0,1)\7\

Now,from the running Knoppix,I would like to configure grub4dos so that,when I restart the computer,the installation of Windows 7 can start.

I've added the following section to : /boot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg:

LABEL Windows
KERNEL grub.exe

and I copied grub.exe in /boot/isolinux/ and in /boot/grub/

I know that GRUB4DOS requires menu.lst,so I have copied this menu.lst file on
/boot/isolinux/ and on /boot/grub/

title Start the installation of Windows 7
root (hd0,1)
chainloader (hd0,1)/7/bootmgr

but when Knoppix restart and I choose Windows at the boot prompt,the installation of
Windows 7 does not start. Can you tell me where is the error ? Thanks in advance.