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Thread: Need boot cheat code for ati mobility radeon hd 4570

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    Question Need boot cheat code for ati mobility radeon hd 4570

    I am using an Acer laptop with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 graphics card. But when I boot from a Knoppix 6.2.0 linux live CD, the compiz fusion does not work nor does the other visual effects (like CUBE effect, etc) work. When I used the CD on my desktop with very modest hardware , the effects worked fine.
    Can any one suggest me solutions for this ? Do I need to type down any cheat code specific for my graphics card ? Please help !!!

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    I do not own such hardware but I would try Knoppix V 6.2.1 with the cheatcode xmodule=radeonhd. Support for Mobility Radeon 4570 (M92) was added in the radeonhd driver 1.3.0 although it is called experimental I do not know whether radeonhd driver 1.3.0 was included in Knoppix 6.2.0.

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