If you have never tried this amazing app out then I suggest you do so a.s.a.p.- you will impressed.

apt-get install abcde (you gotta love Debian)
abcde /dev/scd0 or /dev/scd1 you may also use /dev/cdrom or /dev/dvd or whatever you like.
It will query the CDDB, retrieve any and all artist/album/track info it can find, allow you to select and even edit the results you'd like to use.

Let it go and watch the show.

It will create a directory Artist/AlbumTitle, rip all tracks from an audio disc in /dev/whatever to .wav format, convert the .wav files to .ogg and correctly ID3tag each .ogg while maintaining the correct album sequence. (You may have used other programs that are outsmarted by '01' and '11')- not so with abcde. It will also remove the .wav files leaving you with a very nicely formatted, ripped, converted and ID3tagged album! This app rocks hard and that's just the default behavior folks! As always....man abcde