Hi - newbie here -
I have been 'playing around' with various versions of Linux ( Knoppix/Suse/Ubuntu and Windows on a 160Gb hard drive for a while and I wanted to revert it back to just a blank 160Gb hdd.

Using Knoppix live 5.1.1, I opened up a terminal and went into sudo gparted & to see what was showing and the following showed up -

/dev/cloop0 (5.76GiB)
/dev/cloop1 (0B)
/dev/cloop2 (4.60GiB)
/dev/cloop3 (0B)
/dev/cloop4 (0B)
/dev/cloop5 (0B)
/dev/cloop6 (0B)
/dev/cloop7 (0B)

/dev/hda (149.05GiB)

my question is - are cloop0 and cloop2 actually on the hdd or are they images that the live dvd is showing so that when I access a Knoppix programme - this provides a quick reference to access it.

I have also used a windows bootable floppy disc dos programme called 'debug' which helps to revert a hdd back to an 'unused' state but this also only shows 149.05Gb.

Have I lost 10Gb somewhere??

many thanks for help in advance.