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Thread: Live 6.2 iso not working?

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    Live 6.2 iso not working?

    I am a newbie.
    Downloaded 6.2 6.21 etc. multiple times.
    Made a ton of frisbees, not kidding.
    easy CD/DVD creator burns for a few seconds and then errors.
    I have burnt refular data cd/dvds with no problems ever.
    I tried to md5 the files but most of the times it doesn't pass.
    Help? Or am i doomed to live under the MS tyranny?

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    It is not a "regular" file, whatever than means, and is not burnt in the normal manner (which should still burn fine but would result in an unbootable copy of the ISO file on your media).

    Everything that you should need to know should be covered in the downloading FAQ, but I'm in a good mood so I'll touch on the highlights:

    If the md5 test fails then you have a bad iso file, don't bother to burn it, it will be bad. Try downloading by torrent rather than from a mirror (my own experience with the mirrors before the torrents became available was only about 50% good downloads). Torrent downloads are self-correcting, so unless you do something wrong you should get a good download. Test it anyway.

    Burn the ISO file AS AN IMAGE, don't just copy it to the disc. See the downloading FAQ for details. Not all burning software will burn an ISO properly. In particular the awful stuff from Microsoft will not. Please state what you are using to burn the file.

    The fact that you are getting errors early in the burn seems to indicate that you have a burning problem, either media or burner. Particularly if you are not burning as an ISO image. If you are not processing the ISO during burning then the burn process should copy anything, no matter how corrupt, to disc. Not that it would be of any use, but the burn process should not fail. Try a different brand of media, and a different burner if you have access to another. Inspect the media for any signs of problems (I had several batches of Sony media that was so bad that you could see physical defects in brand new media as soon as you unwrapped it). If it is the drive itself, cleaning the head may help, but often by the time such problems show up the drive is on its way out. Fortunately, new drives can be purchased for around $20 U.S. now a days. And absolutely always burn at low speed, I suggest 4x and never burn CDs at over 8x (and only do that because some newer software refuses to burn slower) and never burn DVDs at over 4x. This will not only produce much better results booting, but will help protect you from long term aging of the media (disc rot). Turn on the verification pass option in Nero or whatever burning software that you are using, and if it doesn't have such an option consider using software that does. The extra minutes spent in burning is well worth it.
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    Verifying of md5 checksum and burning a CD at slow speed are important.

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    I noticed that you did mention "easy CD/DVD creator". Isn't that the Roxio software? If so I know it has (or at least used to have) an option for burning an ISO or "an image". Are you using that option? I haven't used Roxio in years (since getting my first copy of Nero) and am not very fond of it, but Roxio should burn an ISO file correctly.
    Verifying of md5 checksum and burning a CD at slow speed are important.

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