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Thread: Screensaver question

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    Screensaver question

    I have been using the XScreensaver program included in the 6.3 dvd. I have it set to require a password after a certain time. It works well but I was wondering how secure it is. I read that someone could get past it by inserting a usb drive which will run a certain script.

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    if someone has physical access to the computer NOTHING can make it 100% safe, these things are just there to prevent someone "accidentally" accessing the computer short term.
    I (and thousands of others) could likely get through most any "screen-lock" or similar in few seconds and most any other lock/password... if given time.

    Actually I have helped so many that have lost/forgotten passwords, crashed drives/installations and viruses/malware... that I stopped counting.
    on many of these "search and rescue" excursions I have to recover passwords and such just to enable collecting mail, installing programs (M$-Office, Photoshop... all require a code), in other words getting past such things is more or less routine (and one "skill" I will NOT teach on-line).

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    Haven't tried it but I thought there is an easy way for someone to break the screen-saver for Knoppix, ie control-alt-F1, control-alt-F2 or control-alt-del. By doing one of those, the security is violated immediately.

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