Hello everyone,

I just installed Knoppix 6.2 on a 4GB USB stick, and it works fine. I just have two questions:

  1. I can navigate the Knoppix filesystem from Knoppix (when it runs from the USB stick), but when I navigate the USB stick itself, I can't see the filesystem. This hasn't created any problems or anything, I was just curious where the filesystem is on the USB stick.
  2. I would like to use the same USB stick for regular usage, i.e. to copy files onto it, and plug it into any computer (Windows or Linux) and see and use those files. Is that possible without interfering with the Knoppix installation? In other words, let's say you run Ubuntu or Windows 7. You plug in that USB stick (which has Knoppix installed). You see a folder named "boot", another one named "KNOPPIX" and various files. Can I created a folder named "my files" or something like that, and use it to transfer files like you would do on any regular USB stick, but without this ruining the Knoppix installation?

Thanks for your help everyone.