I always start with knoppix 2 to get nice sparse working environment.
All the following is *not using X*.
Version 6.4.3 knows when my laptop is connected to an external monitor and diverts straight to it. (Good!)
However many additional cheatcodes I try, only 30 lines of the screen are used, though the typeface is nice and compact. Suspect width is restricted too as (with wide output) I get "early" word wrap. Poss only ?80 characters (sorry: ought to have counted: haven't).
Effectively, only the top left-hand quadrant of the screen is utilised.
I've tried screen=1280x1024, fb1280x1024, vga=normal, vga=733 all to no avail.
Any ideas?
This screen is 1280x1024; I've another one that is 1680x1050.