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Thread: "Green" on Linux - how do I fdisk from a bootable CD

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    "Green" on Linux - how do I fdisk from a bootable CD

    I have successfully created a bootable Knoppix DVD which I did to try and sort out my PC HD which is in a partition mess.

    I have unsuccessfully tried to install Linux over a newly installed Windows XP system - trying to dual boot. The Linux install failed and will not boot; neither will the XP system.

    I have also failed to repair the system ( it is SUSE) because of issues with GRUB.

    I came across Knoppix as a Linux system which can be run from a DVD stand alone.

    I want to just start from scratch with the hard drive and initially just create a DOS partition so that I can re-install Windows and then attempt to put a Linux (Dual booted).

    When I tried to fdisk sda from Knoppix it didn't do anything failing to find sda1 etc - can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to partition the system

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    ... why don't you use GParted for partition jobs? Alternative you can use 'cfdisk' as a console tool; follow the instructions you can see at the bottom of the screen.

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    If it was me i would download another Linux (Debian or Xubuntu) and install that where SUSE was to reside, it should work out ok and get your XP going WITHOUT having to reinstall.
    you wouls need 3-4 partitions total.
    one for Xp
    two or preferably three for linux
    I would go with the four of them as primary partitions (4 is maximum then, no adding later)
    C: for XP, Windows wants this first on the disk for some reason. i personally made it 10G over updated XP install and added 1G of other stuff but that is me, you may have other wishes.
    / root partition say 5-8G (plenty room to play)
    /home whatever is left when 2x ram is made into Swap partition.

    why a separate / home? so that if i reinstall or add another Linux i can still use my / home untouched where all my personal files... are.
    / home in other words is about like having a separate documents and settings folder in Windows but as on its own partition easier to keep settings, wallpapers, mail... when formatting

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    I don't recommend using up all 4 primary partition slots. I'd use 2 of them -

    1) NTFS for XP, and
    2) Extended for Linux.

    The extended partition can then be subdivided as mentioned previously. Thus, you can later (after Windows 8 comes out?) allocate another primary partition simply by resizing the / partition (make it last, to simplify resizing) and add the requisite additional partition.


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