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Thread: I made a new thread but it isnt there

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    I made a new thread but it isnt there


    Iam a new user and I made a new thread with lots of questions regarding installing knoppix on an USB memory stick but now that look in the forum i cant find the thread.

    And I cant find it in my profile either. Is there some way to get it back so i dont have to write it again?

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    Hi ognio and welcome to the Knoppix forums.

    Post and threads by new joiners are 'vetted' by a moderator before being published. This is to stop the forum being defaced by spam. Given time zone differences etc. it can be a disconcertingly long time before your post / thread appears on the forum.

    Worse, sometimes it takes so long that folks like myself who use the Today's Posts 'button' don't get to see such posts until they do something like search for all posts from the last week (which is how I found this one).
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