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... I found the difference - my usb-drive is ext3-formatted.
Ah ha ! That would make a difference.

But ... the line in /etc/fstab has users so the user knoppix can mount the drive without using sudo. No ?

So it comes down to the formatting. When you create your ext3 file system you've just the top level directory and the lost+found directory, both owned by root so only root can create files in there. It's a cat: one way of killing it is:

 sudo chown knoppix:knoppix /media/sdd2
and the user knoppix can now create files and folders on the USB drive just as he can in any other directory the user owns. And you only need to do that once.

I guess Ansky926 probably has (and probably should have for rescue) a USB stick with a vfat partition so he shouldn't need root at all and shouldn't need to change permissions or ownerships and stuff but you never know.