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Thread: how to start linux now

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    Post how to start linux now

    I downloaded knoppix, bunrt the same in cd using LG burning tool. I have the ISO and MD5 files in the cd..
    Now how to use linux from the cd..

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    Hi there hyder and welcome to the forums.

    May I ask if you have ever burnt a CD from ISO before ? I guess not.

    Do you have documentation for your LG burning tool ? Read it. If not, run the tool and have a good look round the menus for the letters ISO or search the internet for "How to burn an iso file" and try to understand why burning an iso image to CD and burning a data project containing an iso file to CD are different.

    The best analogy I can some up with is you might go down to the supermarket to buy a stuff for a picnic. When you get to pay at the check-out (the burn bit) you've got a shopping basket full of goodies. With an iso file, you've picked up a picnic basket already packed with goodies. You still have to check-out but it is not quite the same. You wouldn't put the picnic basket inside a shopping basket would you ?

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    look here for information on what you have done wrong

    there is more on the MD5 file and much more there as well, look for it and read.

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