1. Missing feature: US keyboard layout is not available after load.
2. Bug: virtual keyboard does not close.
3. Bug: NTFS driver shows filenames with «?» signs instead of national symbols.
4. Bug: applications do not process filenames with spaces. E.g. I open "/media/flash/Some document.pdf" and got a message like file "/media/flash/Some" does not exist.
5. Grumble: effects for e.g. close of window are very, very beautiful, but when I see them more than e.g. 5 times, it starts to annoy.

I absolutely understand that experienced user will call setxkb, killall kxvkb, mount -t ntfs-3g all his NTFS drives, open documents from console and customize compiz effects. But newbie will not, so I want Knoppix to be better for newbies:
1. US keyboard layout default despite loaded language. If not — at least make it available and switchable via common shortcuts like Alt+Shift but not Ctrl+Shift+K.
2. kxvkb should be tested for closeability.
3. NTFS driver should be ready to show filenames from locale which is specified by user to boot loader.
4. All applications should have quotes at filenames in launch commands, e.g. ooffice "%1" (I don't know how exactly is at knoppix)
5. Take more care for selection of effects. I thought that Knoppix is serious system for serious tasks but not only for demonstrating of compiz's beauty.

KNOPPIX_V6.4.4CD-2011-01-30-EN.iso, booted with option «knoppix lang=ru toram»
Every item could be supplied with detailed description and exemplified screenshots.